Kalù Juggling Foot

Juggling from head to feet… kalu and its specialty

Midnight Juggling

Nocturnal juggling improvisations at the Teatro C’Art

Kalù ai Soliti Ignoti

Kalù on television ... ball routine adapted for I Soliti Ignoti on Rai 1


"Uka"....Signor Kalu' 100% juggling-clown

Kalù Cyr

Kalù Cyr Wheel- Anfiteatro Rastatt!

Kalù Stripp Show

Fun pills without contraidications: the Kalù street show!

Kalù 5+1

Technical juggling (siteswap with 5 and 6 balls) on a hot summer day!

Kalù Descalso

Juggling technique and clown technique: the art of improvisation in the context of the Middle Ages

Street tease Il Trio Io & Lui

The beginnings of Kalu' with Il Trio e Lui...in the splendid setting of the Dolomites