In the summer of 2020 Kalù was cast as main actor in the short film Le Mani sulle Nuvole by Massimiliano Battistella with the actress Elettra Mallaby. Le Mani sulle Nuvole tells the singular story of a sculptor and dreamer and of her papier-mâché statue that comes to life in a long sunset… theese hands give form to a life and history of sensuality and irony, play and the unsaid… in this game of mirror, dream and reality fuse together in a lyrical world that frames the love story without end of one who creates and one who is created.

Just released, in less than three months, Le Mani sulle Nuvole is selected in festivals and similar such as David di Donatello, Capri Hollywood Festival, Sant'Etienne Cinema Festival, Fine arts Film Festival of Santa Barbara.


What happens if Kalù meets Gianni Barba, penniless and touchy accordionist?

The result is a mix of laughter and juggling numbers interrupted by constant quarrels and misunderstandings; a magical and surreal atmosphere where the notes of an impertinent bellows accompany red hats in flight in a couple dynamic bordering on the surreal.

Ghiribizzi, frizzi e lazzi is a stage number in which the interaction between live music and juggling, tempo and counter tempo, spontaneously creates the clownish dynamic. Technical and entertaining at the same time, it is ideal for theatres, cabarets and "protected situations", lasting 10 minutes, which can be broken down into several parts according to the type of your event!