A particular juggler, a clown between the eccentric and the poetic, sometimes cynical or perhaps very spontaneous, who uses feet like hands. Balls spinning and splattering like crazy, hats that fly all the time, microscopic bicycles like fleas ... laughter in splits in a fiery final!


KALU 'STRIPP SHOW is a street show that embodies the work of years. Tecnica della giocoleria, tecnica del clown e l’improvvisazione a renderlo sempre nuovo, sempre attuale, e ogni volta differente. The spectator, willy-nilly, becomes an active part of the show itself, a supporting structure, a fundamental ingredient; because the artist is nothing without eyes that look at him and bellies that smile. Striking circus numbers and laughter, laughter, laughter ... ladies and gentlemen here is …Kalu 'Stripp Show !!!



  • Artist: Luca Puzio
  • Title: Kalù Stripp Show
  • Show Type: Juggling, clown, fire
  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Setup and after performance: 15/15 minutes
  • Audio: No audio supplies needed
  • Space: Min. 5m X 5m (No stage)
  • Light: Performance area should be sufficiently lighted up.