"Ingredients: 5 balls, 3 fire torches, a trunk (empty) ... Kalu'!"

KALU DESCALSO is a street show developed from the experience gained over years of performing as street artist in front of the most varied audiences; a show that diverges from the classic figure of the jester to approach in an innovative way the contemporary clown catapulted by chance in a now past era. It is a show that makes of technique its strength; juggling technique and clown technique. A particular juggler, a character between the eccentric and the poetic, sometimes demented, who becomes loved by the public for his tender, sincere and universal spontaneity, in a theatrical coming and going of estrangement and empathetic identification. A juggler who uses feet like hands and vice versa; who makes fire something to smile and not be afraid of. Laughter and applause in a show that completely disintegrates the barrier between the public and the artist.



  • Artist: Luca Puzio
  • Title: Kalù Descalso
  • Show Type: Juggling, clown, fire
  • Duration: 25/30 minutes
  • Set up time before and after performance: 10/10 minutes
  • Audio: No audio supplies needed
  • Space: 4.5m X 4.5m (No stage - performance area should be sufficiently lighted up )
  • Light: Performance area should be sufficiently lighted up.