The workshop is aimed at all those who want to deepen the juggling in the classical and contemporary aspects, with particular attention to the dynamic aspect of movement in the object-body-space relationship and to a functional posture. Particular attention will be given to the propioceptive aspect as a starting point for a fluid and personal juggling. Therefore, the dynamic character of juggling will be taken into consideration, both in its purely technical part and in that directed to a personal research and style, "propioceptive", starting from the movement to reach the object and vice versa. Part of the course, as natural, will be dedicated to toss juggling (siteswap, trick in general depending on the level and personal needs ....), to the juggling, the juggling with the feet, and eventually (depending on the times and group's will), a routine construction and cleaning work






  • Only requirement: being able to perform a clean and fluid three objects cascade.
  • Objects: balls and juggling tools chosen by the individual participants.
  • Duration: 2 days from 4/5 hours each.