Luca Puzio was born in Lecco in 1983. He became passionate about juggling at the age of 18 and, after graduating in philosophy, in 2008, he enrolled and attended the Roman Circus School. He is privately fascinated in the study of the accord with Armando Caciotti and the tap with Marco Rea.

From 2008 to 2010 he travels in Europe and South America participating in juggling workshops (Stefan Sing), verticalism and dance, always staff oriented and constant investigation in the field of contemporary juggling, seen as a harmonious combination of rhythm, movement and object. He studied foot juggling, juggling with his feet, with particular attention.

In the winter of 2009, in Rome, he founded the company Il Trio Io & Lui, with Dario Falcone, acrobat and juggler. From their collaboration comes Street-tease, street show of juggling and clown with which the squares of all Italy still revolve.

In 2012 he approaches circus pedagogy for children. Over the years he has conducted circus workshops for children aged 4 to 12 in public and private schools and small circus schools; it completes the annual course for circus operators and social social circus at the Tor Vergata University, specializing in the teaching of circus disciplines for developmental age.

In the following years he was interested in the study of movement through the Feldenkrais method and in the postural speech; in 2013 he became CSEN operator of postural fitness, Mezieres address. Guided by these interests, applied to the personal experience of juggler, it is addressed to teaching for adults and professional jugglers, with Juggling, movement and juggling foot workshops. In the meantime Mr. Kalu was born, a routine of juggling (balls) from stage to horse between the classic and the contemporary.

In 2015 he deepens the study of the clown participating in seminars with the best clowns in theater-circus, such as Sue Morrison, Ricardo Pucetti, Les Rois Vagabonds and Jeff Johnson, of the Circ du Soleil. It focuses therefore on the interaction between clown and juggling at the level of rhythm and study of the character, under the direction and artistic advice of Andrè Casaca.

In the same year was born Kalù Stripp Show, hilarious street show of juggling and clown and Kalù Descalso, Medieval-Renaissance show presented in the main re-enactment events in Italy.

Among tha main festival attended Murenshalk (Austria), Le Fiere del Teatro, Sarmede (Tv), Historica, (Rep. di San Marino), Immaginaria, Calalzo di Cadore (Bl), Non solo pezzi di legno, Ceolini (Pn) Padova Street Show, Kinderfestival (Bolzano), Historica (San Marino), Carnevale di Venezia, Festival Del Mimo e del Teatro Gestuale (Macerata).

In the field of re-enactment, Historica, Rep. San Marino, Palio del Daino, Mondaino (Pu), Templaria (Castignano, Ap), Federicus, Altamura (Ba), Festa Medievale Rocca San Felice (Av), Giostra dei Castelli, Pordenone, Palio degli Ochi, Arquà Polesine (Ro), Palio dei Terzieri, Trevi (Pg), Caccia al Cinghiale, Mondavio (Pu); Millenaria, Corinaldo (An) etc etc.

The theater show Ghiribizzi Frizzi e Lazzi has born in 2018 in collaboration with Luca Petroni, accordionist and artist: acrackling stage number in which the interaction between music and juggling (hats), spontaneously creates the clownish dynamic in a mix of technical virtuosity and surreal twists, all in a dreamlike and surreal atmosphere.

In the summer of 2020 Kalù was cast, together with the actress Elettra Mallaby, as a co-star in the short film Le Mani sulle Nuvole by Massimiliano Battistella, the singular story of a dreamy sculptor and her papier-mâché statue that comes to life in a long sunset. Just released, in less than three months, Le Mani sulle Nuvole was selected in festivals and similar such as David di Donatello, Capri Hollywood Festival, Sant'Etienne Cinema Festival, Fine arts Film Festval, Santa Barbara etc etc.

In 2022, after a long pregnancy, Banana Juice was finally born; a street show of juggling, clowns and Cyr wheel, which condenses the work of years into a concentrate of madness and technique.

His work experiences range from the street to the stage, from public and private events, from buskers festivals to film and television productions ((il Commissario Rex, La Notte delle Stelle, Ballarò, I Soliti Ignoti etc).