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2. Kalu Stripp Show light

Luca Puzio (born in '83) is passionate about juggling, especially Juggling foot, juggling with his feet. After completing the Roman Circus School in 2008, he devoted himself over the years to dance, acrobatics (roue cyr) and clowns, participating in workshops and seminars with Sue Morrison, Andre Casaca, Riccardo Pucetti, Jeff Johnson, Les Rois Vagabonds etc. His productions vary from the street to the stage to the television. Main aspect of his artistic career has always been the combination of circus technique and empathic relationship with the public.Circus artist and juggler, half dancer, half acrobat and balancer ... .but mainly street artist and clown, because the technique is nothing without eyes that observe 


Me, Kalù and my public

"...because the technique is nothing without eyes that observe ... and if the eyes of the public smile and the life of the observer is more light, then the mission can be said complete; if then the public cries from too much laughing then we are right on horseback ..."